First Time? What to Expect


Are You New to Church? What to Expect as a First Time Visitor.

For many people, it can be difficult to walk through the doors of a building commonly perceived as a church. Even more so once you have made the decision to come to church.

Keep in mind the building is not the church, but the Church is a gathering of people.

Once you have entered through the doors, you will find that our church community is very welcoming and caring, so you will quickly be at ease and feel at home at Elim Community Church.

We try to make coming to church easy for our visitors, so we cultivate a very relaxed atmosphere in our meetings. You will not be put under pressure to "join our church" We aim to provide a place where real life flourishes, where unconditional love is given, where faith in God brings results.

Our worship is lively and contemporary, lead by our worship team., usually followed by prayer and preaching. Communion is celebrated at least one Sunday in the month.

We aim to give you something on Sunday that you can use on Monday. We use the Bible and personal experience to provide you with messages that are relevant to daily life. Come on in on this adventure with us and be pleasantly surprised.